Am I getting enough fibre in my diet?

September 3, 2020

Welcome to #4, the final installment of our 4 part series of dietary fibre. If you missed the others, you can find them here: 1. Understanding dietary fibre 2. Not all dietary fibre is created equal 3. Some fibres are more gassy than others

What if I get gut symptoms with fibre?

Do you experience bloating, constipation, excessive wind, abdominal discomfort or pain, or diarrhoea?

You may have IBS (and be avoiding fibre rich foods in attempt to manage your symptoms). If this is the case, you may not be getting enough or the right types and amounts of fibre for your condition. A specialised fibre supplement can to help with meet your needs as well as promote a healthy gut microbiome.

How much fibre is your diet?

Use this table to try and estimate your daily intake.

**Keep in mind, most people need around 25-30g of fibre per day.


Vegetables                 Serve           Fibre (g)

Mixed, average, boiled         ½  cup             3

Salad, green                          1 cup                1

Tomato                                   ½  tomato       1

Carrot                                     ½  cup             2

Cauliflower                            ½ cup              4

Broccoli                                  ½ cup              4

Potato with skin                    1  medium       3.5

Potato without skin              1  medium       2.5

Corn                                        ½ cup              3

Mushrooms                            ½  cup           <1

Fruit                                 Serve           Fibre (g)

Apple                                      1                        3

Dried apricot                          10  halves        3.2

Banana                                   1  medium       2.5

Kiwi fruit                                 1                       5

Mandarin                                2  small            3

Orange                                   1                       3

Pear                                        1                       6

Strawberry                             ½  cup             2

Canteloupe                             ½  cup             1

Grapes                                    ½  cup             1

Vegetables        Serve      Fibre (g)

Lentils - cooked / drained   ½  cup                2

Almonds                               20g                     2

Peanut butter                       1  tbs                  2.7

Bread/cereals   Serve     Fibre (g)

Multigrain bread                   1  slice               0.5-2

Rice - cooked                        ½  cup              0.5

Pasta - cooked                      ½  cup              2

We can help

We can provide specialist advice about modifying the different types of fibres needed for your gut and condition. If you need a fibre supplement, we can guide you as to the best one which is right for you (fermentable or non-fermentable) – depending on your gut symptoms.

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