Post bariatric surgery

After any type of bariatric surgery (Sleeve, Bypass or Lap band) the food you eat is very important.

Not only does the quantity of food you eat change after surgery but so does the way you absorb nutrients, your bowel habits and your relationship with food.

How can we help

A dietitian specialising in nutrition post bariatric surgery will guide you through the post operative diet, help with texture modification and ensure you avoid nutrient deficiencies. We will help you create a new, personalised way of eating that feels good and fuels you well. Whether you are two weeks or 2 years post surgery a specialist dietitian will be able to be of assistance.

Our team of experienced dietitians use the latest scientifically proven strategies

We are known for our expertise in gastrointestinal (gut / bowel) nutrition and every member of our team has their own additional, specialty areas of nutritional expertise.

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