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2 ingredient super snack

A 2 ingredient snack (that looks like sashimi - but it's not) & gives you some super nutrients? Yes.


How to reduce the amount of food you waste

Do your bit to help the environment and save some $$ at the same time.

Social & environmental

Low FODMAP not for life

Only following a strict low FODMAP diet for a short period (if you can) is the way to go.


Links to research articles by Caroline Tuck

Access research studies that look at the mechanical role of diet in gastrointestinal conditions.

Nutrition research

Low FODMAP hummus. It is possible

The perfect low FODMAP hummus, hommus, houmous.


Are you having too much caffeine?

Ahh caffeine. We love a hit of you of the morning. But how much is too much?

Food reviews