Vegan / plant based nutrition

A vegan / plant based diet can provide all the nourishment needed as long as it is well planned.

Protein, calcium, Vitamin B12, omega 3, iron, zinc and Vitamin D are often obtained from animal-based sources, so care needs to be taken to eat adequate amounts of plant-based alternatives. In some occasions, a nutritional supplement may be required - we can help you work out if this is needed.  

What makes up plant based diet?

Fruits and vegetables, grains (including oats, wheat, rice, barley and quinoa), nuts and seeds (as well as their milk and fats) and legumes (such as lentils, chick peas and soy beans (tofu, soy milk and tempeh).

Animal products and anything made or produced by animals are excluded. This includes meat, poultry, fish, dairy (including casein, whey, rennet and gelatine) as well as honey and sometimes yeast. Individuals adopting the vegan philosophy will exclude all animal products from their lifestyle as well.

This means that animal and animal products are not used for clothing, entertainment, personal care products or any for other purpose.

How we can help

Whether you interested in progressing to a plant-based diet or are already vegan, we can assist you in establishing a sustainable, varied (and delicious) that meet your nutritional needs.

Our team of experienced dietitians use the latest scientifically proven strategies

We are known for our expertise in gastrointestinal (gut / bowel) nutrition and every member of our team has their own additional, specialty areas of nutritional expertise.

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