Food Chemical Intolerance

There are a number of naturally occurring (salicylates, amines or glutamates) and artificial food chemicals.

Common conditions including eczema, asthma, urticaria, rhinitis, migraine and irritable bowel syndrome can be contributed by natural or added food chemicals. Food chemicals exist widely in our food supply, complicated by the vast array of convenience foods now available which have a multitude of added food chemicals.

How can we help?

Our dietitians are well versed with the food chemical approach, with several trained by the Sydney allergy team, as well as working closely with Melbourne based allergists that specialise in this approach. We understand the intricacies of this complicated diet, know how to assess rechallenge outcomes, and we provide close support to our patients who are undertaking the elimination and rechallenge phases.

Our team of experienced dietitians use the latest scientifically proven strategies

We are known for our expertise in gastrointestinal (gut / bowel) nutrition and every member of our team has their own additional, specialty areas of nutritional expertise.

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