Telehealth Consent Information

"Diet Solutions offers Telehealth consultations via Zoom, Skype and telephone.  By proceeding with a telehealth appointment, it will be assumed:

a) that you understand that:

• Your participation is voluntary.  

• You have the right to withdraw your consent.  

• You have the right to cease consultations at any stage.  

• The procedure for conducting telehealth consultations.  

• The Accredited Practising Dietitian will take notes during the consultation.  

• Your referring doctor or health professional may be contacted in reference to your treatments.    

b) that you consent to:

• A period of care which may involve several consultations via telehealth.  

• The passing of information in relation to my dietetic treatment to be sent to the nominated email address, which is a secure and safe address that only I have access.  

• Permission for further specified health professionals to be contacted in reference to your treatments.  

c) that you declare:

that all information provided to Diet Solutions is true and accurate".