About Me

Whilst completing the Master of Nutrition & Dietetics at Deakin University in 2001, I met my future Diet Solutions business partner Jaci Barrett. We remained friends after graduating and then joined forces in 2013. Since then our business and families have grown-up and grown bigger together. I love that now we have the opportunity to work alongside each other and within such a knowledgeable, empathic and driven team.

Outside of dietetics, my happy place exists moving in nature and music.  I love all things food - the making, the sharing (and the eating).

Listener. Whimsical. Mover. Circumspect.

My Experience

I have spent many years in clinical dietetics and private practice in Melbourne and in the UK and has been a consultative dietitian for Deakin University and Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food program.

I believe food and nutrition play such a significant role in people's identity and social connection - everyone's experience and relationship with food is different and individual. Listening to people's stories and assisting them to establish the most healthy relationship with food is a strong focus of my interactions with clients.

Specialises in

  • weight concern
  • healthy eating
  • poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • nutrition support for bariatric surgery
  • gastrointestinal disorders including FODMAP intolerance


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Short answer - yes it does.

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