COVID-19 – How your dietitian can help in these uncertain times

June 23, 2020

Diet Solutions is here to support you to continue your journey to good health during the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak.

It is more important than ever to take focus on your diet and gut health. Nurturing and maintaining optimal gut health during this time is paramount to keeping you feeling well, supporting your physical and mental health, and ultimately your immunity. 70-80% of your immune cells are located in your gut so: healthy gut = healthy immune system.

The current climate of COVID-19 presents some unique barriers to managing your ideal diet at the moment; such as access to suitable food; stress-related eating and financial hardship. Lets take a closer look.

The problem with panic buying

We have all seen this in our supermarkets over the past few weeks and is cause for concern among many of our clients, with non-perishable food items proving hard to come by.

How can we help? We can assist with modifying your current diet and provide meal ideas and recipes to ensure you have alternative options to manage your personalised diet.

Increased stress and anxiety

Mood can have significant impact on your food choices and your gut symptoms.

How can we help? Our dietitians can help with managing problematic eating patterns during this time and modifying your diet if you feel your gastrointestinal symptoms are getting out of control.

Is there anything good about not being able to dine out?

If not now, when?

Our clients with gastrointestinal issues who are considering exploring the impact of diet on their condition – now is the time. The most frequently reported challenge in undertaking an elimination diet is how to manage the diet when eating out. With the recent COVID-19 restrictions on eating out and social events strictly enforced, its the perfect opportunity (if you are feeling well) to consider making dietary changes.

More time at home may (!) allow some space in your day to be cooking more often and reducing the costs of ordering in.

We are here to help

Your health and well-being is always important, but particularly so now. It’s imperative that you look after yourself and each other. Remember, you’re not alone.

Even if we can’t meet face-to-face, there are many ways we can continue to help you right now . All of our dietitians are available for phone appointments, as well as online video appointments.

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