Serves 4

Gluten free friendly with modifications

Vegan friendly




300g protein of your choice: minced beef / pork / turkey / chicken / tofu (crumbled)

extra virgin olive oil

1tsp smoked paprika

¼ tsp turmeric

2tsp ground cumin

2 cloves of garlic


1 cup brown rice

1 large bag baby spinach

2 tomato, diced

1 avocado (mashed)

1 large carrot

1 cucumber

2 cobs corn, cooked

Greek yoghurt of your choice*

400g tin rinsed, drained red kidney beans

cheese of your choice, shredded*

corn chips (gluten free if required)

fresh lime and coriander  


1.   Cook the rice using your preferred method.

2.  Heat the oil in a large pan and add the spices, stir around until fragrant and then add garlic, your protein of choice, breaking up until cooked through.

3.  Assemble your bowls, start with spinach, top with cooked rice and protein then everyone can add their toppings to their bowl.

4.  Finish with a squeeze of fresh lime and some coriander leaves.

*Which yoghurt / cheese?

Select dairy or dairy alternative of your choice to suit your needs (cows, lactose free, almond, rice, soy, vegan etc)

Go vegan

Choose tofu for your protein, go for plain corn chips and select a plant based yogurt and vegan cheese.

What are the prebiotics in this recipe?

Beans, legumes, lentils. along with garlic, spinach, tomato and corn.

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